2004 News
  • News: (25-Oct-2004) We are finished racing for this year. We did not go to the USLMA race at Sandia or the World 300 at I-70. Catching up with some old news, The Late Model class at JRP Speedway in Tulsa never took off. Plus the track is just too small for my tastes. I will post next years schedule when the the race series release the 2005 schedules. - Kris.
  • Results: (25-Oct-2004) And another wreck at Altus! I need to stop that. This time I backed into a spinning car in turn one during the heat race. The damage to the back of the car was not too bad, but the engine shifted back enough to jam the shifter so that I could not shift into second or fourth gear. We pried the motor back into position enough for the feature race (thanks to Sledge Larson's steel jack handle). The car was not handling very good in the feature and I finished eleventh. - Kris.
  • News: (2-Sep-2004) I finally got around to repairing the car from the wreck at Altus. We should be ready for the Altus USLMA race on October 2nd (rescheduled from Sept. 25). The World 300 at I-70 on October 9th looks interesting, but I don't know if we can make it yet. - Kris.
  • News: (24-May-2004) Change of plans. We are not going to TMS in June and will be on vacation in July, so I have changed the race schedule below. - Kris.
  • Results: (9-May-2004) Well, another wreck (760K video) at Altus! I moved up from about 13th starting postition into 6th when I side swiped the front straight wall. The right rear jumped in the air a little and that sent me spinning down the end of the straight. The left front made pretty hard contact with the turn one wall as I was spinning. The only dammage was to the left steering arm, left strut, left a-frame, and of course the front bumper and nose plastic. We were going to try to get back in the race after removing the front body panels until we noticed the bent steering arm dragging on the sway bar. - Kris.
  • Results: (6-Apr-2004) The ROMCO race at Texas Motor Speedway didn't go as well as we planned. The car was not as fast as expected and I made some bad moves around lapped traffic which dropped me back. Since there were no yellows during the race I didn't have the chance catch up with a couple of cars in front of me that were about the same speed. - Kris.
  • Results: (15-Mar-2004) The ROMCO race at San Antonio, Texas was rained out. It will be rescheduled for later in the year. - Kris.
  • News: (16-Feb-2004) The new JRP Speedway in Tulsa is going to use the USLMA rules for their Late Model class. We might make a trip up there this year if the schedule works out. - Kris.
  • News: (3-Feb-2004) The USLMA and ROMCO schedules have been released. See the USLMA Schedule and ROMCO Schedule for more info. Here are the the races we plan to attend in 2004. - Kris.

    Location Date Series Finish
    San Antonio Speedway March 13th ROMCO Rained Out
    Texas Motor Speedway April 2nd ROMCO 18th
    Altus Speedway April 24th USLMA DNF
    Texas Motor Speedway June 12th ROMCO DNA
    Altus Speedway July 17th USLMA DNA
    Altus Speedway October 2nd USLMA 11th
    Sandia Speedway October 16th USLMA DNA
    DNF = Did Not Finish
    DNA = Did Not Attend
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