2002 News
  • News: (9-Dec-02) The 2002 race season is over. We didn't race much in 2002, but plan to do more racing in 2003. Dodge City Raceway is planning 5 late model races in 2003 and the ROMCO Super Late Model Series will be racing in south Texas. Also, Altus Speedway dropped the weekly Late Model Stock class for 2003 but plans to run a few Late Model events with a higher purse in 2003. I will figure out our 2003 racing plans when the Series schedules are released. - Kris.
  • News: (23-Sep-02) Altus Speedway has changed their rules to allow regular Late Models to race with their Late Model Stock class. We have to run the Southern Colorado Late Model Association (SCLMA) Rules. The limiting factor will be the 390 carb, all the other rules are similar to ROMCO SLMS rules. We also have to run Altus Speedway's track tire. - Kris.
  • News: (24-May-02) Another ROMCO SLMS test was done at Texas Motor Speedway last week and it was decided to run the full oval without the chicances. A restrictor plate with 3/4" holes will be used. See the ROMCO SLMS web site for more information. - Kris.
  • News: (10-May-02) Some ROMCO SLMS cars tested at Texas Motor Speedway last week. According to the press release by Texas Motor Speedway the ROMCO SLMS officials are considering running the full oval without the chicanes but with restrictor plates on the engines. They want to keep the speeds below 140-150mph. Check out the race weekend schedule on the TMS web site. - Kris.
  • News: (29-Mar-02) We are preparing the car to make the ROMCO race at Texas Motor Speedway on June 7th and 8th. This should be fun. The ROMCO Super Late Model Series will be racing on the 1.5 mile oval with chicanes added at the end of the front and back stretch. The chicanes should keep the top speed down to a safe level for the ROMCO SLMS type cars. June 7th and 8th is also the same weekend as the NASCAR Trucks and Indy Racing League will be racing at TMS. - Kris.
  • News: (12-Dec-01) We will be sitting out the first half the 2002 racing season, but plan to race later in 2002. - Kris.

  2002 Frost Racing Results

  • Results at a glance:
    AltusSatOct 5th, 2002Altus Speedway, Altus, OK(1/3 Mi)255
    AltusSatSept 28th, 2002Altus Speedway, Altus, OK(1/3 Mi)257
    ROMCOSatJune 8th, 2002Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX(1.5 Mi)5015

  • Altus (5-Oct-02) The handling was good in the high groove on October 5th. We had a fun side by side heat race with Mike Salmon. Unfortunately the car was terribly loose in the low groove and that's where I started in the feature, on the inside. After a few laps I spun going into turn one and had to restart on the back. Made it up to fourth, but Cory Roper passed me on the inside on the last lap. We finished 5th. - Kris.
  • Altus (28-Sep-02) The September 28th results are as follows: started on the back and stayed there. I couldn't get the car through the corners without pushing. We changed all the springs and will try again this Saturday. - Kris.
  • ROMCO (8-Jun-02) We qualified 19 and finished 15. I wished the race would have been a little longer; it was really fun driving on the TMS 1.5 mile track. See the results at the ROMCO SLMS web site. - Kris.
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