2000 Frost Racing Results

Updated Mar. 27th, 2001

  • Results at a glance:
    ROMCOFriMarch 31, 2000San Antonio Speedway, San Antonio, TX(1/2 Mi)125 12th
    LocalSatApril 15, 2000Sooner (Car Show and Test & Tune)(1/2 Mi)0N/A
    LocalSatApril 29, 2000Sooner - regular(1/2 Mi)25 4th
    All ProSatMay 13, 2000Memphis Motorsports Park, Memphis, TN (3/4 Mi)100 22nd
    LocalSatMay 27, 2000Sooner - special(1/2 Mi)15 1st
    LocalSunMay 28, 2000Sooner - special(1/2 Mi)100 2nd
    LocalSatJune 10, 2000Sooner - regular(1/2 Mi)25 2nd
    LocalSatJuly 1, 2000Sooner - special(1/2 Mi)25 Rain Out
    LocalSunJuly 2, 2000Sooner - special(1/2 Mi)100 Rain Out
    REMAXSatJuly 15, 2000I-70 Speedway, Odessa, MO (1/2 Mi) 150 19th
    LocalSatAug. 5, 2000Sooner - regular(1/2 Mi)25 3rd
    LocalSatAug. 19, 2000Sooner - regular(1/2 Mi)25 3rd
    LocalSatSept. 2, 2000Sooner - special(1/2 Mi)100 DNF
    LocalSatSept. 16, 2000Sooner - regular(1/2 Mi)15 4th
    LocalSatSept. 30, 2000Sooner - regular(1/2 Mi)25 Canceled

  • September 30th, 2000 (Sooner, Altus,OK) - The last race of the season was cancelled and since we were leading the points that makes us the 2000 Track Champion for Sooner in the Late Model class. Thanks Dad, Mom, Cheryl, Keith, Kevin, Doyle, Clint, Scott, Ray Fine Yamaha and Lynn's Auto. Racing is impossible without your help. - Kris.

  • September 16th, 2000 (Sooner, Altus,OK) - We finished 2nd in the heat race and 4th in the feature race by 2 feet to the same car. I was attempting a last lap pass on the outside and came up short both times. I need a pop out nose extension that I can trigger to extend right at the finish line. Maybe nobody will notice. Kris.

  • September 2nd, 2000 (Sooner, Altus,OK) - DNF. Not much to say. The #8 piston came apart sometime early in the 100 lap race and we were out of the race. I don't even know my official finishing position.

  • August 19th, 2000 (Sooner, Altus,OK) - Good thing Sooner does not have a wall around the track except on the front straight. Because I seem to be in the habit of running off the back straight here lately. I think I need to stop doing that. I ran off the track in the heat race and recovered too late to get a good finish. I started on the back of the feature and was moving up when I got inside a car that didn't see me and I ended up in the infield of turn three. After starting on the back, again, I moved up to third place. After the race Dad found a broken intake rocker arm. Fortunately all the broke pieces stayed on top of the head and were easily recovered.

  • August 5th, 2000 (Sooner, Altus,OK) - I was up to third in the feature race when I ran off the track on the back straight. The funny thing was that Kevin was spotting the back straight for me and he completely missed me spinning down the back and disappearing from the track. I heard him on the radio basically saying some yo-yo had spun off the track to cause a yellow. Well the yo-yo was me. After getting back going the car was working good in the high lane and I made a last corner pass to make it back to third.

  • July 15th, 2000 (REMAX Challenge Series, Odessa,MO) - We were better prepared for this race than the May 13th race at Memphis. Keith and Dad built a fabulous motorized pit cart since the last race. It holds 4 Fuel Jugs, Generator, Air Compressor, 2 Nitrogen Tanks, Tool Box, Pit Jack, and much more. We nicknamed it "Sputnik" because when it was being built it kind of looked like a Russian space ship with stuff hanging off and protruding in different directions. It doesn't really look like that now, but the name stuck. The new pit cart really helped with loading/unloading and preparing the pit stall. On race day we didn't have to worry about qualifying because only 25 cars were on hand and the race was to start 26. Inspection and practice both went smooth. The race started out good but around lap 70 I started to get too hot in the car and my thinking seemed to slow down. I pulled in the pits at lap eighty and hoped to cool off enough to re-enter the race later, but I never did feel well enough to continue the race. I ended up in 19th place. Two things I need to do: Get in better shape, Get myself through the corners faster. The crew (Dad, Keith, Kevin, and Cheryl) all did their jobs flawlessly and overall we did better than we did at Memphis. Improvements were made and should continue with more experience.

  • June 10th, 2000 (Sooner, Altus,OK) - We had a last lap pass/bump for the lead erased by a yellow and ended up in 2nd place in the feature race. The car was pushing bad all night long. We changed it for the feature and it was better, but not good enough for my taste. We will try again on July 1st.

  • May 27-28th, 2000 (Sooner, Altus,OK) - We finished in 1st place in our qualifying race Saturday night which meant a front row inside starting position for Sunday's 100 lap race. In the 100 lapper John Silverthorne got around me sometime near the beginning of the race. I got him back when he had trouble with a lapper. I was leading somewhere near the half way break when I smacked a lapper with the right front and bent the suspension. From then on I had to hang on to a squirrelly car and ended up in 2nd place. The crew did a good job at the half way break changing the right front tire, filling the fuel tank and cleaning the window. Thanks Cheryl, Clint, Dad, Danna, Doyle, Keith, Kevin, Matthew, Michael, and Mom.

  • May 13th, 2000 (Slim Jim All Pro, Memphis,TN) - Boy what a learning experience! Since this was the first time at a race this big, I didn't know what to expect. On Friday a.k.a. "practice day", during the tech inspection on we found out that the fuel cell bladder, and some other minor items needed to be changed. So Kevin took off running around the track infield to get the parts we needed while I was attending the rookie drivers meeting. But even though Dad and Keith were working feverishly we still missed part of the first practice session. However we did make the start of the second practice session and was getting better each lap until the oil to water heat exchanger busted and forced oil into the radiator. My advice is "Don't buy a Griffin Radiator"! So once again Kevin was off and running to find more stuff - cheap oil and more oil filters to use for cleaning out the system. The only difference this time, he had to leave the track to find a parts store and get back before the officials closed the pit entrance. Dad and Keith got the radiator changed and flushed the oil and water system just in time to be the last car to qualify even though the NASCAR officials had said we could start the race scratch if we couldn't fix the car in time. So with our sticker tires on I set out to make a good qualifying time. However, my qualifying time was not as good as my last practice time, but we did find out that the motor was not ruined. On race day I could never get myself up to speed and decided to park the car about halfway through the race before potentially hurting the motor or car. My finishing position was 22nd.

    We learned a few things to do differently so next time things will go much smoother. One of the main changes we need to make is to take a couple of extra people along just to help push the car! We continually had to move the car from here to there - and the infield of a 3/4 mile track is pretty big. We also need to find safer lawn chairs. Both Dad and Mom had scuffles with "People-Eating" lawn chairs. My hat is off to the NASCAR officials. They treated us super nice and even helped push the car to the starting line-up position.

  • April 29th, 2000 (Sooner, Altus,OK) - 2nd place in the Heat race. The car was a little loose. We lowered the rear panhard bar and the car was the best it ever has been for the Feature race. The motor was also stronger than ever. I started on the back and got to 4th place in the feature. Should have been better but I took to long to pass a couple of cars. Next time.

  • March 31st, 2000 (ROMCO, San Antonio,TX) - We re-baselined the car this winter and it helped. The car felt more stable, but a push developed after the tires got hot. We tried to correct this during practice, but did not make a big enough change. I hung on and finished the race in 12th place. I also want to thank Clint and his Mom and Dad for helping at the track and storing the car in their garage overnight. See the ROMCO results at the ROMCO Racing web page.

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