2001 Frost Racing Results

  • Results at a glance:
    ROMCOSatOctober 13, 2001San Antonio Speedway, San Antonio, TX(1/2 Mi)175 24th (DNF)
    ROMCOSatJune 30, 2001San Antonio Speedway, San Antonio, TX(1/2 Mi)125 12th (DNF)
    ROMCOSunMay 6, 2001Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX(1.2 Mi RC)70 21st (DNF)
    ROMCOSatMarch 24, 2001San Antonio Speedway, San Antonio, TX(1/2 Mi)125 13th

  • Rear Front October 13th, 2001 (ROMCO, San Antonio, TX) - More trouble. Big Trouble. A few laps after the 100 lap break I got loose and spun coming out of turn 2. The car backed into the wall with a thud. I figured something was going to be bent pretty bad in the back. Then, after a few cars missed me as they went by, two cars came by side by side. The outside car hit the nose and pushed the front frame to the right a little. The front ended up with more damage than the back. Looks like some "fun" work ahead for us. See the race results. - Kris.

  • Broke Valve June 30th, 2001 (ROMCO, San Antonio, TX) - We had some trouble. I missed the setup on the car for the race. After changing a tire during a red flag, to close up the stagger, the car was better. Then the motor broke. A valve head broke in half. Looks like only the head and one piston was damaged. See the race results. - Kris.

  • May 6th, 2001 (ROMCO, Fort Worth, TX) - We qualified 9th out of 23 cars. Road racing is fun. I sort of ran off the track (actually went spinning into the grass) in the first corner and had to play catch up at the start of the race. On the 17th lap I felt a sudden vibration coming out of turn 2 and pulled into the pits. The bracket that holds the top link for the rear end had almost pulled off the frame. We were done for the day. See the race results. - Kris.

  • March 24th, 2001 (ROMCO, San Antonio, TX) - We got to the track late due to my mis-judgement of travel time and stopping for a trailer flat. We completed a few practice laps on old tires and with the wrong rear end gears before practice was over. The crew changed gears, tires and put a little more left rear in the car for qualifying and the car felt better. The qualifying time was better than the practice time. My fastest lap came during the race. I think I finally got the feel for that track and the Hoosier tires during the race. The setup was better than our previous visits but we still need about a half second lower lap time. See the race results. - Kris.

  • March 20th, 2001 - We skipped the March 10th race at Kyle to test at Sooner. We had just got the engine jetted properly and was making a handling run when one of our oft-used valve springs decided to break. Just one valve and valve guide was damaged. Dad & Keith got the engine fixed and we will be going to San Antonio to race on March 24th. - Kris.

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