2003 News
  • News: (28-Oct-03) The October 18th USLMA Salsa 100 race at Sandia, NM was fun. There were 48 cars present and the top 6 from 4 qualifying heats went to the main 100 lap race. We finished 4th in the 4th qualifying race. We started the Salsa 100 in 16th spot. We finished the race in 10th. One of the top five was disqualified for an illegal transmission which bumped us up to 9th. The facility is great and the people running the track are very nice. The track itself is a little weird - flat and slippery, but there is passing room. We are probably done racing this year; I will figure out next years schedule when the series schedules are released. - Kris.
  • News: (2-Oct-03) The September 27th USLMA 75 lap race at Altus went well. I started 6th and finished 2nd. Seventeen Late Models were present. We still had some brake trouble - I guess it's time to replace some parts before heading to Sandia. - Kris.
  • News: (2-Sep-03) The last two races didn't go so well. The August 16th race at Dodge City ended when I spun going hard into turn 3 on the outside and hit the wall sideways. The steering was bent a little. I was bumped into the wall in the heat race August 31st at Altus and climbed the wall for a ways. The right front suspension was bent. The crew did a good job fixing it and we were ready for the feature race. I was leading the feature when the brakes quit working. I ended up third. We found a leak in the brake master cylinder afterwards. - Kris.
  • News: (8-Aug-03) The USLMA schedule has been changed a little. The September 13th race at Dodge City has been cancelled and a new race has been acom/2003_schedule.html">USLMA Schedule for more info. - Kris.
  • News: (23-Jul-03) We finished 3rd at the USLMA race at DCRP. Sorry about not posting any pictures from Texas yet - I have almost ran out of storage space for this web site. - Kris.
  • News: (11-Jun-03) We finished 9th at the Texas Motor Speedway ROMCO SLMS race after qualifying 14th. We decided afterwards that a lower gear probably would have helped us get into the top 5. It was a fun race anyway. Pictures to be posted soon. See the results at www.romcoracing.com - Kris.
  • News: (08-May-03) The Dodge City trip went much better than the last trip. We bought a 2000 Ford F350 diesel for a new tow truck and it worked great. The race facility at Dodge City is first class and the track is racy with room to pass. Practice went well but the right rear tire starting leaking air before the heat race. This forced a tire change and the car was not as good as before. We ended up 7th in the feature race. See the results at www.uslma.com - Kris.
  • News: (02-May-03) POW! Only much louder. That is the sound that the right rear dually tire made when it exploded on the trip to Corpus Christi. That was followed by screaming (in the cab) and pounding, as the right rear fender was being disintegrated by the flapping tread. We bought new tires in Marble Falls, TX. SILENCE! That is the sound that the tow truck engine made when the cam sprocket teeth stripped off south of San Antonio. Dad, Danny, and Keith worked on the tow truck engine in the motel parking lot from 9:30pm to 3:00am and got it fixed. We went on to Corpus the next morning (or later that morning, I guess) and I had a less than stellar race. Oh well. We are leaving for Dodge City, KS at 4:30am Saturday morning for the USLMA race. We have not been there before, but the track is supposed to be nice. - Kris.
  • News: (04-Apr-03) The USLMA now has a web site. From the news on the USLMA site, it looks like the deal to race at PPIR is not final yet. In other news, we will be installing new body panels and shocks this weekend in prepartion for the ROMCO SLMS race at Corpus Christi on April 19th. - Kris.
  • News: (21-Mar-03) The SCLMA has changed names to the United States Late Model Association (USLMA). They do not have a web site but they can be contacted by phoning Sledge Larson at 719-543-0218. - Kris.
  • News: (21-Mar-03) I have added photos to the site from the Texas Motor Speedway ROMCO race from June 8th, 2002. - Kris.
  • News: (9-Dec-02) The 2002 race season is over. We didn't race much in 2002, but plan to do more racing in 2003. Dodge City Raceway is planning 5 late model races in 2003 and the ROMCO Super Late Model Series will be racing in south Texas. Also, Altus Speedway dropped the weekly Late Model Stock class for 2003 but plans to run a few Late Model events with a higher purse in 2003. I will figure out our 2003 racing plans when the Series schedules are released. - Kris.
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