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  • Here is a 640x480 5.4 meg AVI video (requires DivX codec, otherwise the video has sound only) of an attempt to get air to air video of touch and goes back in October of 2006. It was taken with an Aiptek IS-DV2 from an electric version of the SPAD Debonair. Ken and Paul are the pilots of the other two planes.
  • See the pictures of my SPAD Twist-VSF. - Kris.
  • I built a SPAD copy of the Hanger 9 Twist 3D 40. Here is a 640x480 30 meg AVI video (requires DivX codec, otherwise the video has sound only) or 640x480 46 meg WMV video of one of the early flights.
  • I flew my SPAD Extra at the Fort Sill flying field on July 1st. Here is a 720x480 6.7meg video or a smaller 320x240 3meg video of some knife edges, tumbles, and an attempted hover. (19-Jul-2006)
  • I have updated my SPAD Extra. See the pictures. (19-Jul-2006)
  • Here is a 720x480 8.9meg video or a smaller 320x240 3.1meg video of some snap rolls and stuff with my SPAD Extra. Since the plane is a little far away, you probably need to watch the larger video to see the action better. (19-Jan-2006)
  • First SPAD airplane, SPAD Debonair. (19-Dec-2005)
  • Maiden flight day for my SPAD Extra. It was pretty windy. 720x480 7.1meg video or a smaller 320x240 2.4meg video from the 3rd flight. (Dec. 4, 2005)
  • Second SPAD airplane. See the SPAD Extra. (Dec. 4, 2005)
  • Flying at the Fort Sill model airplane flying field. I took these pictures with my Aerobird Xtreme Camera Plane. The camera is an Aiptek Pencam SD digital camera that I purchased from Blip Remote Controlled Digital Cameras. (Sep. 24, 2005)
  • I bought a Aiptek DV5100M digital camcorder from Wal-Mart and attached it to my SPAD Deboniar. Here is a 15meg video from the flight. (Aug. 23, 2005)

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