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  • News: (7-Oct-2010) The Budsani Debonair lives again. I finally got around to replacing the fuse and rebuilding it. I replaced the carb and needle valve on the OS .46LA. I switched the reciever to my new 2.4ghz Hitec Optima 7 so that I can use my Aurora 9 radio. Also, checkout my YouTube channel for newer videos. - Kris.
  • News: (19-Nov-2009) I just realized both planes shown in the image at the top of the page have met their demise. The SPAD Extra on the left was victim of my inattention at the Spring 2007 SPADS Over Texas event in Decatur Texas. I was flying and then I started spectating, and when I looked back at my plane it was on it's way to terra firma firmly. The Budsani Debonair had a lawn dart episode in July of 2009. I was making my first attempt at buddy boxing with my brother for his first ever flight. The plane dived a little while he was turning and when he pulled up the wing said "see ya" to the fuse. I was using a bolt on wing with two #8 nylon bolts holding the back of the wing on - the nylon bolts snapped. It was actually kind of neat to see. The wing fluttered down with no damage. The fuse, no such luck. The carb and needle valve on the OS .46LA were broke, but the rest of the engine was OK. The radio gear appeared to be OK too. - Kris.
  • Video: (27-Oct-2007) Here is a 640x480 5.4 meg AVI video (requires free DivX codec, otherwise the video has sound only) of an attempt to get air to air video of touch and goes back in October of 2006. It was taken with an Aiptek IS-DV2 from an electric version of the SPAD Debonair. Ken and Paul are the pilots of the other two planes. - Kris.
  • Photos: (27-Oct-2007) See the pictures of my SPAD Twist-VSF. - Kris.
  • Video: (22-Oct-2007) I built a SPAD copy of the Hanger 9 Twist 3D 40. Here is a 640x480 30 meg AVI video (requires free DivX codec, otherwise the video has sound only) or 640x480 46 meg WMV video of one of the early flights. - Kris.
  • Video: (19-Jul-2006) I flew my SPAD Extra at the Fort Sill flying field on July 1st. Here is a 720x480 6.7meg video or a smaller 320x240 3meg video of some knife edges, tumbles, and an attempted hover. - Kris.
  • Photos: (19-Jul-2006) I have updated my SPAD Extra. See the pictures. - Kris.
  • Video: (19-Jan-2006) I flew my SPAD Extra at my normal flying area at the back of our land on January 8th. Here is a 720x480 8.9meg video or a smaller 320x240 3.1meg video of some snap rolls and stuff. Since the plane is a little far away, you probably need to watch the larger video to see the action better. - Kris.
  • Photos: (19-Dec-2005) I have added a picture page for my first SPAD airplane. It is a SPAD Debonair - I call mine the Budsani. See the Budsani pictures. - Kris.
  • Video: (04-Dec-2005) I went to the Fort Sill field yesterday for the maiden flight of my SPAD Extra. There are less trees there than my normal flying area at the back of our land. It was pretty windy. Here is a 720x480 7.1meg video or a smaller 320x240 2.4meg video from the 3rd flight. - Kris.
  • Photos: (04-Dec-2005) I have completed my second SPAD airplane. It is a SPAD Extra. See the pictures. - Kris.
  • Photos: (24-Sep-2005) I went flying at the Fort Sill model airplane flying field today. I took these pictures with my Aerobird Xtreme Camera Plane. The camera is an Aiptek Pencam SD digital camera that I purchased from Blip Remote Controlled Digital Cameras. - Kris.
  • Video: (23-Aug-2005) I bought a Aiptek DV5100M digital camcorder from Wal-Mart and attached it to my SPAD Deboniar. Here is a 15meg video from the flight. - Kris.

Updated October 7th, 2010

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