March 24th, 2001 ROMCO race at San Antonio, TX

Updated July 3rd, 2001

On March 24th, 2001 we went to the ROMCO Super Late Model race at San Antonio, TX. We got to the track late due to my mis-judgement of travel time and stopping for a trailer flat. We completed a few practice laps on old tires and with the wrong rear end gears before practice was over. The crew changed gears, tires and put a little more left rear in the car for qualifying and the car felt better. The qualifying time was better than the practice time. My fastest lap came during the race. I think I finally got the feel for that track and the Hoosier tires during the race. The setup was better than our previous visits but we still need about a half second lower lap time. See the race results. - Kris

Changing Gears Adjusting the Sway Bar. Left to Right is Danny, Kevin and Dad Changing Tires. Left to Right is Kevin, Dad, Danny, and Keith.
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