July 17th, 1999 ROMCO race at San Antonio, TX

Updated Oct. 7, 1999

In July 1999, Cheryl and I went down a day early to Sight See in San Antonio before the ROMCO race. We checked out the Alamo and the River Walk and the weather was nice. As we were driving to the track on race day it began to rain. The rain finally stopped by mid-afternoon but the practice schedule was almost all washed out. It sure was hot and muggy - the crew was dripping wet with sweat all day and night. We quallified a little slow but was looking forward to racing and finishing the race. Maybe I could have got faster with more laps on the track. Not to be - the rear axle welded itself to the axle tube on the 3rd lap of the race and we were done.

( photos by Cheryl)
Dad and Keith check the jetting.

Keith at the hood and Kevin checking tires. Notice me chillin' behind the fan in the car.

Going through tech. The car seemed very hard to push. Hmmm.

Look - I am actually doing some work by pushing the car.

I am trying to see the front of the pack from my starting position.


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