Building the late model in winter/spring of 1996

Updated Sep. 24, 1999

During the winter of 1996 we re-purchased a dirt late model that Dad and Keith had built sometime around 1980. The car had set out in a field since about 1984 when the guy they sold it to had parked it. He melted some pistons and just put it out in his field. We loaded up the car and trailer (which Dad and Keith also built) and took it to our shop. We re-built some stuff, but the frame is basically the same except for the front suspension. We are still using the quick change rear end, carburetor, and intake manifold from the car when we got it. We used the oil pan and heads for a while.

(photos by Kris)

Steel 78 Camaro body.
When Keith raced this car it had
a Flexi-Flyer Rubber-Glass Camaro body.

Back view.

Side view of frame after removing body.

Keith raced in some NCRA dirt late model events.

Side view of frame after rebuilding.

Back view of frame after rebuilding.

Front view after rebuilding.

Check out the new body.

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