Frost Racing History 1972-1995

Updated Sep. 24, 1999

...But it paid off with a Lawton Speedway Track Championship in 1979.

The car on the outside seems to have to much wedge.

The 1980 Late Model packing the track at Lawton. The body is partly Vega and partly Imagination.

We can't remember what happened to this car after 1980 - the only year it was raced.

The 1981 Late Model. Steel 1978 Camaro Body with a Camaro stub frame. This is the same car that we rebuilt to race on pavement.

Keith takin' a win at Lawton Speedway in 1982. Same as 81 car, but with Fiberglass Camaro body.

Kris's first Mini-Sprint. A Kawasaki 550 GPZ engine. (1989, Faxon)

Keith's first Mini-Sprint. No that is not snow in the air; that is mud flying. (1989, Faxon)

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