Frost Racing History 1972-1995

Updated Sep. 24, 1999

Keith raced Karts in 1976 in Oklahoma City.

E.I. on a Kart in 1976.

Start of a race in turn 4 of State Fair Speedway in Oklahoma City, 1977. Buddy is the 4th car back on the left side.

Richard Sorrels and Larry Heise shared this car in the Street Stock class at Lawton Speedway in 1977/78.

The Super Modified re-done for 1978.

The only photo which shows the entire 1978 Super. 1978 was the last year that the car was raced.

Keith's 1978 Street Stock at Lawton Speedway (The yellow car). This car was a 1966 Chevelle and the number was 48 because Richard Sorrels/Larry Heise already had used 47.

Keith's 1979 Street Stock. This car was a 1965 4 door Malibu. Nobody else was racing a 4 door...

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