Frost Racing History 1972-1995

Updated Sep. 24, 1999

Just as the modern era of NASCAR began in 1972, the modern era of Frost Racing began in 1972 (Not that we have had the same impact as NASCAR). E.I. had raced motorcycles and drag cars in the 50s, but he stopped when the kids were born. Then in 1972 one of the kids was old enough to race. Keith started racing Moto-X in 1972. And then all kinds of racing broke loose.

E.I. and Keith and Keith's first race bike, a 90cc Suzuki (1972).

This is big time stylin' by Keith for 1973.

Keith concentrating on the corner at Amber Valley, Ok. (1973)

Keith riding a 100cc Yamaha. (1973)

Kris on the starting line in the mini-bike class. (1973)

The first Super Modified owned by E.I. (End of 1975 season). Business partner, Chester McBee and wife are pictured.

Buddy Jackson drove the Super. Here is what it looked like in 1976. This picture was taken at Lawton Speedway.

Here is the crew in 1976. Buddy is on the left, E.I. is on the right. You don't see too many people using cars to tow with anymore.

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