July 15th, 2000 NASCAR REMAX race at Odessa, MO

Updated Dec. 18, 2000

On July 15th, 2000 we went to the REMAX Challenge Series race at Odessa, MO (I-70 Speedway). We were better prepared for this race than the May 13th race at Memphis. Keith and Dad built a super motorized pit cart since the last race. It holds 4 Fuel Jugs, Generator, Air Compressor, 2 Nitrogen Tanks, Tool Box, Pit Jack, and much more. We nicknamed it "Sputnik" because when it was being built it kind of looked like a Russian space ship with stuff hanging off and protruding in different directions. It doesn't really look like that now, but the name stuck. The new pit cart really helped with loading/unloading and preparing the pit stall. On race day we didn't have to worry about qualifying because only 25 cars were on hand and the race was to start 26. Inspection and practice both went smooth. The race started out good but around lap 70 I started to get too hot in the car and my thinking seemed to slow down. I pulled in the pits at lap eighty and hoped to cool off enough to reenter the race later, but I never did feel well enough to continue the race. I ended up in 19th place. Two things I need to do: Get in better shape, Get myself through the corners faster. The crew (Dad, Keith, Kevin, and Cheryl) all did their jobs flawlessly and overall we did better than we did at Memphis. Improvements were made and should continue with more experience. - Kris

Right side view of Sputnik. The back (behind Kevin's head) contains the toolbox. Sputnik is under the EZ-UP shade while Kevin works out in the sun. I think we need to rethink the pit layout. Left side view of Sputnik. You can see the steering handle and finger throttle at the front of Sputnik right below Dad's arm. I am being sent away by the crew after spilling gas everywhere while attempting to fill the car. That's me walking away in the hat. Dad is cleaning up the mess. Off in the background is turn two.
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Kevin in the blue and Keith in the red are discussing tire strategies. The background is turn four. filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler
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